IMPORTANT! Studio Covid-19 Policy

Registration is by phone only.
Call us at 215.355.9278 to register.


Drop off/Pick up (to be performed daily)
Pick up/drop off is done outside

Campers will wait in their vehicle until we call them up one at a time to take temperature before entering the studio.
Parents, we ask you to take a preliminary temperature (if possible) before arriving at the studio.
To provide a safe environment, prior to entering the studio all campers will have their temperature taken and parents will be required to respond to a short list of questions regarding COVID-19.
Temperature of 100.3 or higher is deemed unsafe to attend camp.
No parents will be permitted to enter studio.


Masks will be worn by staff and recommended and encouraged but not required for campers.


Hand washing will be required upon entry and frequently throughout the sessions.
Hand washing during camp will be heavily monitored/encouraged.
Employees will disinfect and sanitize surfaces before, during & after sessions.
Full day campers will be moved to a separate area, while the studio is being disinfected between morning and afternoon sessions.


Classes will be limited to a maximum of 12 campers (ages 6-12).
No parents can enter studio.

Food and Snacks

Only campers staying for full day may bring their lunch into the studio.
Half day campers are permitted to bring snacks into the studio.
All food brought into the studio must be in a disposable container or bag, of the Ziploc style (see through).
No containers will be permitted to return home.

Personal Space & Materials

There will be three campers seated at each table to enable social distancing.
Campers are not permitted to physically touch any other campers, except for siblings.
Each camper will purchase their own set of materials, that we deemed unable to be properly sanitized. (these materials must be purchased from Art in the Pod)
Sharing of materials will only be permitted between siblings, although we highly recommend each camper purchases their own set of materials.
No materials will be permitted to be brought into the studio.
Campers attending multiple weeks are required to purchase a new set of materials for each additional session.
All purchased materials and art works will be sent home at the end of the weekly session.


We will be taking each camper’s temperature along with a short list of questions regarding Covid-19.
Temperature of 100.3 or higher is deemed unsafe to attend camp.
Campers with any type of illness will also be deemed unsafe to attend camp. (e.g. Cough, Runny Nose, any visible cold symptoms, etc...)
Campers with illness presenting during camp time will be brought into the office while they await immediate curbside pickup.
Campers/employees with any sign of illness or temperature are sent home immediately.
Campers that have a medical condition that would require an exception to this policy must call before registering. Medical exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis, every attempt will be made to allow them to participate in the camp.

Outside Items

Only campers staying full day may bring lunch in a clear bag sealed bag.
Half day campers may bring snacks in a clear sealed bag will be allowed in the studio.
No other items are permitted to enter the studio.


We will be handing out disposable aprons, these will be the only aprons permitted in the studio.

Refunds and Make up Camps

Should we close due to COVID-19 you will receive a full refund or studio credit based on the sole determination of the studio.
There will be NO REFUNDS OR STUDIO CREDITS, except arising from a COVID-19 studio closing.
With all the dynamic changes related to COVID-19, we reserve the right to update this policy at any time.
Although sanitizing and disinfecting is a top priority at Art in the Pod Studio, we cannot guarantee there will be no transmission of the COVID-19 virus or any other virus, flu or cold like illnesses.
By registering your camper, you acknowledge that Art in the Pod Studio is not responsible for the transmission of the COVID-19 virus or any other virus, flu or cold like illnesses at its studio.

Art in the Pod studio is excited to welcome your campers this summer and will continually monitor these procedures to provide your camper with a comfortable environment under these constantly changing circumstances. Should you have any questions, or concerns, please contact Rich. Here is to a great summer in the studio.

Registration is by phone only.
Call us at 215.355.9278 to register.

Slime Time Only Pass

Common price: $10.00 Our price: $10.00 each


This pass is for slime making only events.  If you wish to do slime and paint pouring, please see our combination events HERE.

While this is an independent workshop and adults do not need to participate, they must remain in the studio during the duration of the class.
Reservations are required. Max of 4 people per group

How much studio time is required for Slime Time Only?
You will have 30 minutes of studio time to complete your slime creation. If you have purchased a container to decorate, you will have a total of 45 minutes to complete your total slime experience at Art In The Pod.

How to make reservations for Slime Time Only?
You can either drop by the studio or you can call the studio at 215.355.9278 to make your reservation.

Can I create my own container to take my slime home?
Yes, for an additional $8 we will provide a container (8oz) with a lid along with materials for you to decorate.

My family is larger than your maximum group of 4 people per sitting. What should I do to include everyone?
Please call the studio so we can individualize your experience at Art In The Pod.