Lifecasting FAQ'S Featured

What is Life Casting?
Lifecasting is the process of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human body, through the use of molding and casting techniques. lifecasting can also be practiced on animals. The most common lifecasts are of torso's, pregnant bellies, hands, faces, etc,. and it is possible for an experienced lifecasting artist to copy any part of the body. Lifecasting is usually limited to a section of the body at a time, but full-body lifecasts are achievable too. Compared with other three-dimensional representations of humans, the standout feature of lifecasts is their high level of realism and detail. Lifecasts can replicate details as small as fingerprints and pores.

When will my casting be ready?
Your casting made from casting stone will be ready in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the time of the year, the type of finish you have selected. Proper drying time is very important. Other casting materials can take 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the kind of casting. When necessary we may be able to rush the completion. Please schedule as early as possible for special occasions such as Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Holidays. We will contact you when your casting is completed.

How can I prepare for the casting?
On the day of your appointment, please allot at least one - two hours. While the casting process most likely will not take that long, set up, molding and de-molding, etc., will take some time.
Wear short-sleeves. Chances are, you will not get anything on your clothes that will stain, but if you're concerned, wear older clothes.
if you wear a ring and want your casting without the ring that you normally wear, you should remove it ahead of time so there will be no indentation on your finger. We recommend at least 2 hours.
Infants/babies need to be asleep or very relaxed for the process. You know your child best, so please keep his/her individual abilities for stillness in mind.
Sometimes, babies and children wiggle, which can impact the quality of the mold, and subsequently, your finished sculpture. We always give it our best effort in getting the most well-formed mold; but after three attempts, if the baby isn't having it, we'll suggest rescheduling when he/she is having a better day.
Please remove all makeup prior to your appointment if you are having a face casting done. The makeup will transfer into the cast and then onto the finished piece.

Can rings be worn during the molding process?
Yes, rings will easily clean up after the mold is made. The casting process will pick up a great amount of detail from your rings, making your sculpture an even more personal memory. If very high, angular rings are to be included an alternate casting method may be necessary, usually silicone in place of alginate. Please advise us in advance if large jewelry is to be included in the casting.
Please also remember that if you want a casting without a ring that you normally wear, you should remove it ahead of time so there will be no indentation on your finger.

Should I cut my fingernails or have a manicure?
The alginate material captures every detail of flesh, cuticles, and nails exactly. You will need to decide how you want these details captured.

Do you do hospital visits for newborn babies?
Yes, we do hospital visits and take the impression of your little one’s beautiful and tender hands and feet to freeze that moment for you forever.

What are the cost of your casting services?